Nash Mechanical is prepared to meet all of your residential heating and air conditioning needs. We help homeowners make educated decisions about how to maintain and repair their systems. Our service technicians are not salespeople, they do not receive commission or bonuses for selling replacement parts and equipment.

Air conditioning systems provide additional comfort by reducing the excess humidity that comes with living in the city of Houston. Properly sized systems can eliminate excess humidity while reducing the chances of mold and mildew formation within your home. Additionally, HVAC systems installed with superior filtering systems can help reduce the airborne dirt and dust in your home.

Even the best HVAC equipment must be maintained. As a homeowner, changing your filters on a regular basis will improve the quality of the air you breathe while also extending the life of your equipment. However, its important to have small problems repaired before they cause larger headaches. A failed fan motor can quickly cause a compressor to burn up, almost certainly requiring an entire condenser change out. Excess dirt and dust reduces the efficiency of indoor evaporator coils and encourages mold and mildew growth.

Ninety-percent of our business comes from returning customers and customer referrals. Our continued reputation for honest, quality work is very important to us. We don't subscribe to any gimmicks or sales promotions. Our technicians will explain major problems and repairs. Their trucks are stocked with the most common replacement components, helping avoid time consuming and costly trips to area suppliers.

If a part of your system fails, Nash Mechanical can quickly replace the component with a quality component or offer a scenario bid explaining the advantages of modifying or upgrading an entire system to a high efficiency system. Additionally, Nash Mechanical offers great warranties and will not pressure customers to replace equipment that has several years of life left.

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