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Most consumers acknowledge the fact that air conditioning and heating systems offer indoor comfort by controlling the temperature and relative humidity inside their homes, but they fail to recognize another important function of their system; cleaning the airflow.

By replacing the return air filters on a regular basis (usually monthly), homeowners can help reduce the dust and dirt particles floating through their homes while also extending the life of their heating and cooling system. Dirt that flows into the cooling coil can clog the fins and reduce the efficiency of the entire system, shortening its life and increasing operating costs. Dirt encourages mold growth and limits the coil's ability to remove moisture from the air. In most cases, the coil will have to be completely removed and cleaned outside the home in order to remove heavy deposits of dirt and dust. Furthermore, dirty coils can hide small ruptures in the internal tubes, masking system leaks and increasing the amount of time needed to diagnose and repair system problems.

When choosing the type of filters to use for your existing system or to protect your investment in a new system, the efficiency of the filter must be considered. The "99 cent" filters (shown left) typically found at the supermarket provide only marginal levels of filtration. Replacing traditional filters with pleated filters will increase the level filtration by providing more surface area.

If you have particularly heavy dust and dander problems, especially in homes with pets, an Amana Air Bear® filter will provide the highest level of filtration. Nash Mechanical recommends installing an Air Bear with every new system. The Air Bear® is generally placed immediately in front of the system, eliminating the dust particles that would otherwise enter the system between the return air grill, where filters are traditionally placed, and the actual system.

The Air Bear® within its steel case.
The Air Bear® is removed through the side of the case.

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