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Darrel and Sheryl Nash

Nash Mechanical was founded in 1984 by brothers George Nash, Jr. and Darrel Nash; sons of over three generations of HVAC and refrigeration experience. Founded during the heart of a local economic downturn, Nash Mechanical sustained business by serving loyal commercial and residential customers who came to associate the family namesake with the most respected and experienced engineers in the HVAC industry. Their father, George Nash, Sr. began working in the industry at the age of 18 under the supervision of his uncle and later helped build one of the largest industrial refrigeration companies in the city. Over 50 years later, the family tradition continues.

Since 1987, Darrel Nash has presided over Nash Mechanical with the help of his wife of over 20 years Sheryl, his mother Donna, and a handful of loyal employees. Since its inception, Nash Mechanical has maintained a modest approach to building the company and extending the family of employees and technicians. Fair and ethical business practices form the foundation for a company interested in pleasing customers while also preserving a reputation built on quality and honesty. In a time where many local HVAC companies are held under a much larger, often publicly traded corporate umbrella, Nash Mechanical refuses to adopt modern business practices that have turned most technicians into salespersons.

Nash Mechanical is a fully licensed and insured company.

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